Is it possible to get your Yorkie to stop barking?

Although we absolutely love Yorkies, we know that their high-pitched barking can drive owners (and neighbors) up a wall. We’re sure you adore your tiny guard dog but would love to know how to calm their yips. Here are 3 ways to help minimize a Yorkie’s barking. 

Here are 3 tips on getting your yorkie to stop barking.

1 – Train your Yorkie from a young age.

Training any dog can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll establish norms with your puppy that they can depend on into dog-hood. Animal Wised states, “It’s important to act early and create a tight emotional bond with your Yorkshire Terrier so that it feels that it can express its emotions in other ways than barking”. If you train a Yorkie properly from the beginning to control their noise, it won’t be as much of an issue later on. Here’s one method for training a Yorkie to stop barking from the pet section: 

  • “Fill a soda halfway full of rocks or pennies. Shake the can every time your Yorkie barks while saying, ‘Quiet.’ Use a firm and forceful voice, but never yell at your Yorkie. When the dog is quiet, offer it a tasty treat and praise”.

2 – Keep things interesting.

Yorkies are little dogs with huge energy levels. They express themselves through barking when they’re agitated or overexcited, and this happens very often. It’s important to balance their mood accordingly. One way to do this is to stimulate their overactive minds. Here are a couple ideas to make this happen:

  • Take Frequent Walks. Animal Wised states, “Take your Yorkshire Terrier for walks and make sure that it can spend all the built-up energy it has. Yorkies are very active dogs who like to be moving around all the time; if they repress their energy, they bark more”.
  •  Yorkshire Terrier Guide states, “It is observed that Yorkies with more avenues of entertainment have a reduced tendency to bark. So, get a good range of toys for your dog to play with. More play time means your Yorkie has less stress and frustration to deal with”.

3 – Try to solve the problem.

Deciphering the actual reason why a Yorkie is barking can be one of the best ways to calm them down. If you know the problem, you can take action to solve it. Yorkshire Terrier Guide outlines all the different meanings of certain barks and growls, here are two to get you started: 

  • “Low-tone barking is the way of your Yorkie to comunicate about a perceived threat. Change of place or conditions, unfamiliar animal sounds, or sudden loud voice may prompt such Yorkie barking behavior.”
  • “High-pitched barking by a Yorkie indicates its efforts to seek your attention. They may want to relieve themselves, play or stay with the family.”

How do you handle your Yorkie when it won’t stop barking?

Feel free to comment below with any of your own experiences with barking behavior! The Yorkie Times is passionate about contributing to the Yorkie community through tips, tricks, and appreciation posts. Take a look at some other Yorkie topics and feel free to browse our shop!

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