Naming Your Yorkie Puppy

The Perfect Name for Your Yorkie Pup Yorkies, with a long and intriguing history, have been companion dogs for over 100 years. Bred in Yorkshire, England, to hunt rats in cotton and wool mills, they're feisty and loving, tough and intelligent, small in...

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Is a Yorkie Coat Necessary?

Yorkie Coat or Not - Some Facts Anyone with a yorkie knows that yorkies have hair, not fur. When the temperature drops, a yorkie coat is necessary. 1. Fur vs Hair Now that it's getting cold, our fuzzy little friends are starting to feel the weather too....

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Yorkie Car Sickness Part 2

Tips to Help Motion Sick Dogs and Puppies In part 1 of Car Sickness & Your Yorkie we discussed what caused a dog to get sick when they travel in cars. Now let's take a look at how to help your Yorkie adapt to riding in a car without getting sick....

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