What are you?

This Yorkie isn’t quite sure what to make of the big yellow duck.
The duck is bigger than the Yorkie but it doesn’t seem to do anything but bounce around.
Maybe it is nap time and that is why the Yorkie is playing full out.

Yeah, I think it is definitely Yorkie nap time.

Tips on helping your dog settle into a sleep routine:

Bedtime routines: Where does your dog sleep? | Doggerel
As of last week, though, we’ve been experimenting with a new routine: Pyrrha getting to sleep wherever she wants in the house. For a while now, I’ve wasn’t supposed to. So, this is Pyrrha’s new sleep routine: We leave her crate door open, and say “Goodnight! …. A good tip for Pyrrha or for Pamela’s dog is to keep a dog bed on the floor in your bedroom and use a tie down that’s fairly short, so the dog can lay down comfortably but can’t reach your bed. After a couple 

Tips to Assist The Dog Sleep Through the Night | Kathi’s Blog
Though many dogs sleep from 10 to 14 hours a day, certain are off schedule with the sleep time due to deficiency of routine, hyperactivity or uneasiness. Pluto Pet, creator of all-natural supplements for dogs, has the following 

Simple tips to help your dog sleep through the night


Get them on a schedule! Even if you are a night owl, get your dog on a scheduled bedtime. If you are up late at night, don’t be surprised if your dog wants to join you. Remember, being with you is the highpoint of their life.


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