Yorkies are your best friend

Believe it or not, when I was growing up – I wasn’t really a dog person.

Don’t get me wrong, dogs were great but I never saw myself as having one, let alone two, for pets.

Then Loki came along and turned all of that around.

I cannot imagine my life without Loki or Rosie.


Dogs fill an unrealized void


Did anyone else go through this?

More fun Yorkie information:

Yorkie Fun Facts – Luxury Yorkies
Yorkie Fun Facts. The Yorkshire terrier ranks first among the toy breeds and sixth among all breeds on the American Kennel Club‘s popularity list. Compact¬†

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Visit this site providing fast FACTS about Yorkies. Interesting information and fun Facts about Yorkies for kids. Info and concise list of cool facts about Yorkies.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics …

Yorkshire Terrier

An interesting fact is that Yorkies tend to become lighter with age. Hormonal changes can also affect color. Females in heat go lighter, and then darken again  

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We are dedicated to the love, caring and health of Yorkies. to find the perfect puppy and how to find an ethical breeder; Check out our fun, interactive Names section! …. Let’s discuss the facts regarding Toy, Miniature and Teacup Yorkies.


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