Family Bonding

Whether it was love at first sight or they wiggled their way into your heart after some time…

Yorkshire Terriers are part of your family.

They greet you at the door to hear how your day was.

They cuddle with you whenever they can.

Yorkie Puppy and a Baby

They are protective of everyone that is part of their “pack”.

And they work hard to keep your garden squirrel and bunny free.


More information on your favourite dog:

Yorkie Teacup – Facts about little Dogs
When it comes to Yorkie puppy they do also require great attention in caring them. When talking about the eating habits of a Yorkie they eat for around 3 to 4 times per day. You are also supposed to keep the puppy away from people food and 

Swimming Yorkie Fun | The Yorkie Times

Home Magazine

This little guy is having a great time at a local wading pool.