Time to pick your favorites!

There are 18 clips in this adorable compilation video – tell us which one is your favorite:

  1. Yorkie toughie playing with a bell.
  2. Yorkie puppy blowing bubbles with his person.
  3. Yorkie puppy jumping at a soccer squeaky toy.
  4. Yorkie with pink bow and a basket.
  5. Puppy taking on what seems like a giant cat :).
  6. Volleyball Yorkie number 1.
  7. Dancing with my friend on the yellow towel.
  8. Racing round the living room.
  9. Volleyball Yorkie number 2 with a heart balloon.
  10. Sleepy Yorkie – so tired.
  11. training the crying puppy – I think he knows there should be a treat somewhere!
  12. Yorkie giving high fives and other tricks
  13. Mending, but still scrapping – sisters just keep bugging you.
  14. Yorkie playing with his chihuahua buddy.
  15. Did you hear that??? Yorkie on guard.
  16. Sleepy Yorkie getting a massage
  17. It’s mine! You stop trying to take it from me cause I’m fierce!
  18. Been a long day – sleepy Yorkie.

It is going to be pretty tough to choose. I know I want to tuck all of them in my arms for a cuddle.

Tell us what you think in the comments below 🙂