Yorkies are the greatest psychiatrists

Whether you are sad, mad or just having a bad day…. it’s very hard to stay that way when you have a wonderful little one licking your face and loving you unconditionally.

They only want us to be happy….it’s that simple.

Yorkies make us happy

Interested in breeding yorkies?  Here’s some info:


Choosing A The Best Stud For Yorkie Puppies According To Online …
Online Yorkie breeders also recommend educating yourself with as much information possible about your stud of choice before following through with breeding. Follow these six tips to choose the best stud for your Yorkie 

 Yorkshire Terrier Breeding Tips : from MyDogBreed.com

Learn about Yorkshire Terrier Breeding Tips, and search for other cutting edge Yorkshire Terrier Breeding articles.  Breeding Yorkies for monetary gain is not a good reason to pursue breeding this exceptional breed. First, finding a bitch and 

Breeding advice from a first time Yorkie owner – YorkieTalk.com …
Old 01-21-2010, 06:29 AM. dcypher. Yorkie Talker. dcypher’s Avatar. Join Date: Sep 2009. Location: Pennsylvania. Posts: 16. Default Breeding advice from a first time Yorkie owner  female been tested? Are both male & female best of the breed standard? Is your cousin prepared to lose his female? I would start off with those questions. Breeding is not just mating male/female. I would do ALL the research you can, you will then see that you both will not want any thing to do with it.

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