This time of year is a great time but can be stressful on many levels.

Even when it seems like everything has gone pear-shaped, there is a wonderful 4 legged creature who doesn’t think so.

Yorkies bring a fulfilment and richness to people’s lives that no one can take away.

Yorkie sitting

Louis Sabin is a very smart man.

More things Yorkie:

You Need to Take Adequate Steps to Treat Yorkie Ear Infection
yorkie ear infection. Various grooming tips. Another important preventive care to avoid the infection in Yorkies ears is to see that no water enters the ears while bathing. Many owners prefer to place cotton balls gently on either 

Learn And Implement How To Wash A Yorkshire Terrier
There are various tips and pointers, which you need taking into consideration to ensure that your Yorkshire terrier feels comfortable and stay happy with you. In the list of various dos, don’ts, how’s and what’s, the most The vets and experts can better let you know about the reliable and best suitable product to help you in picking up the right dog shampoo and other bathing products for your Yorkshire. Using the smooth and gentle shampoo helps you to keep the 

Flea is a four-letter word | Yorkie Blog by Yorkie Splash and Shine
You can bathe with our Yorkie Splash and Shine or any other natural soap. If you get your Yorkie nice and soapy then leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing, the fleas will drown. Here’s a tip – before starting the bath, put a 


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