Quincy plays fetch

Quincy was enjoying his lazy morning with mom.

But after some coaxing, he was willing to play fetch!

 Quincy has the greatest name!

And he is too cute when he growls to get his way.

Here are some tips to train your yorkie:


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Teaching or Training a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) how to do cute dog tricks like “lay down”, “stick-em up”, “play dead”, “sit” and to “speak” is pretty easy but the best dog tricks for Yorkies take time and patience. Please help me

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Aside from the common tricks, what unique thing does your yorkie do? Lexi will watch T.V on command. She has always liked watching t.v and it’s not.

Training for Tricks and Treats – YorkieTalk.com Forums – Yorkshire …
If you are going to do training that is 15 minutes a day, I suggest you use the regular food for the training. Use the food from the breakfast or dinner meal. I use all of Joey’s breakfast, and half of his dinner meal for training.




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