Yorkie Names That Mean ‘Happy’

By Elena King

Yorkies tend to be cheerful, happy pups, so what better way to name them than with a name that means ‘happy’, ‘cheerful’ or ‘joyful’? Today we’ll explore names that have a link with happiness.


Words that mean Happy

Adorable Yorkie

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To begin my research today, I decided to start with the word ‘Happy’ and do a search on synonyms- words with the same or similar meaning. This generated a rather large list of words, not all of which were great names, but some that were wonderful! I also checked the synonyms of cheerful and joyful… and thus this List of Happy Word Names was generated.

Happy is of course an obvious name for a happy Yorkie: but some other names that could be considered are Merry, Cheery, Perky, Twinkly, Jaunty, Sunny and Mirth. There are also a number that would best suit a female Yorkie: Bliss, Blythe, Joy and Gladys.

My search even produced Pollyanna, who was of course one of the happiest and most cheerful characters ever seen on film!

Names that mean Happy

This search generated quite an international list of names, some of which were quite delightful! Let’s look at the female names first:

Happy Names for Females

Beata, Beatrice and Beatrix all have the same Latin root, and mean happiness: but the real gem in this name is in its nickname Trixie, which is such a happy, joyful name for a Yorkie puppy!

Blythe is an English name meaning ‘free spirit, happy and carefree’.

Felicity comes from Latin and means ‘happy’, and there are a couple of lovely international variations of this name that sound Yorkie-ish: Felka (Polish) and Felicia (Spanish).

Gwyneth is a Welsh name, and one of its possible meanings is ‘happy, blessed’. Some variations you might prefer are Winnie or Gwynna.

Hilary is a name that has been used by males and females across the years: it is now seldom heard (although there is a very famous US Hilary): however, the Italian variation is quite lovely: Ilaria.

Keiko is a Japanese name with a lovely meaning: ‘happy child’.

Letitia is a very pretty name: it comes from a Latin word meaning ‘joy, happiness’, and has some other lovely derivatives: Leta, Leda, Lida and Leida.

Happy Names for Males

Asher is a Hebrew name, with a meaning ‘happy, fortunate, blessed’. Ash is a great nickname

Faine comes from Old English and means ‘happy, joyous’

Felix is a Latin name: while many think it means ‘happy’ it’s true derivation is ‘fortunate’. It was the name of a very famous cartoon cat, which may put some Yorkie owners off this otherwise fabulous name!


Helgi is a fantastic name with its origins being Old Norse. It means ‘productive, successful, happy’.

We saw Hilary in the list of female names: a great male variation from Italian is Ilario- that rolls so beautifully off the tongue!

Jabulani is an African name, which means ‘be happy’. It could be shortened to Jabu or Lani. This is one of my favorites!

Tait comes from Old Norse, and means ‘cheerful, happy’.

I hope that you’ve found something you like in this list of Yorkie Names that mean Happy. Of course, there are many ways to choose a name for your Yorkie puppy, and plenty of other sources of inspiration! For more name lists and ideas, be sure to visit Yorkie Names soon!

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