Home Sweet Home

This video reminds me of yorkie being too shy and anxious when moved to a different place.

They are like a kid too wary of their surroundings and keeps looking around for anything.

As a yorkie owner, it is our responsibility to make them feel safe and comfortable with their new environment.

We can think of a couple of things like letting them play “catch the ball” for example.

Do you still remember how your Yorkie reacted when you moved them to their new home? How did you help your Yorkie get acquainted with the new place?


Tips on introducing your Yorkie to a new home:

Book Excerpt: Bringing Your New Dog Home – Cesar Millan
Once you are in the car, stop a few blocks from home and take your dog on another The idea is that you slowly introduce your new dog to her new place, one 

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Moving to a new home can be stressful for your dog. Advance dog adjust quickly to his new home. …. may want to introduce your dog to your new neighbors.

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Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption

We know moving is stressful — and your new dog feels the same way! Give him time to acclimate to your home and family before introducing him to strangers.

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