Yorkie Giving Birth

Like every mother seeing their daughter giving birth to their baby, seeing our little yorkie giving birth can be a hard experience.

Watching them suffer throughout the process is not fun but the joy of it, is priceless.

This Yorkie mom is very calm watching her Yorkie have her first baby.


Here are some tips on Yorkie deliveries:

Yorkie Pregnancy Stages | eHow
Yorkie pregnancies in particular should be watched carefully as they are a smaller According to the Yorkie Info Center, delivery of Yorkies really should occur in a clinic unless you have experience as a breeder. Yorkie Pregnancy Tips.

How to Help a Yorkie Give Birth | eHow
When you first suspect your Yorkshire terrier is pregnant, there is a lot to do to prepare for the birth of her puppies. Take her to During this time, she will expel the afterbirth and ready herself for the next delivery. Litter size Tips & Warnings.

Delivering Puppies – Dogs – LoveToKnow
LoveToKnow Dogs · LoveToKnow – advice you can trust until the delivery is concluded; Sterilized round tip scissors for cutting cords; An unopened package of 

Whelping – Yorkshire Terrier Having Puppies and Mommy Mya
then 2 placentas. This is a Yorkshire Terrier dam eating the placenta. I can’t thank you enough for all your stories, ideas and your knowledge of our canine furry friends and family. Without YOU my …. Easy Delivery a Day or Two Overdue