Everyone loves bedhead!

Introducing the little Yorkie named Bridgette. This is a pup after my own heart; not only is she adorable and cuddly, but she is lazy when it comes to waking up! Something I know a little about…just saying. AND something I have had to train into all of my dogs and it’s not easy let me tell you, it takes years! This little girl seems to have just come that way. You lucky owners you!

This little gem had me truly laughing out loud and when I say that I mean old school belly laugh, not this internet term that you type out and you might have a slight twitch of your lips.

In her princess ways, she likes her beauty sleep and not much seems to rise her out of her slumber. Her compromise in dealing with this “too early in the morning” ruckus is to assume the belly rubs position which only seems fair. BUT WAIT! The story does not end there. Once she is roused up from her much needed rest she presents us with the most comical of scenes, YORKIE BED HEAD hahahahahahahahha I laugh even as a type. It’s towards the end so make sure you watch all the way through.

Do the pups out in Yorkie Times land have trouble getting up? Are there any lazy bones in the crowd? Do any of you wake up beautiful without having to quaff that notorious Yorkie main? Let’s see some of those photos and videos of your dog’s morning routine and let us all share in the Yorkie fun.