It is Yorkie bath time!

Who else loves it when their little fur baby is nice, clean and smells so good you just can not get enough?! I know I do! Seeing how crazy and happy my furry baby can get after I have bathed her is so entertaining and fun to watch. My pup goes CRAZY! The post-Yorkie Bath Time means that my Yorkie is basically bouncing off the walls, all over the sofas, just running around everywhere! It really is entertaining and I love to see her happy like that and it is great having that nice, smooth, great smelling furry child to sleep next to.

Getting Burrs and Sticky Out Of Your Yorkies Hair

We found this great little video to help with burrs and sticky pollen out of our fur-babies hair.

Generally, it is very important to bathe your baby at least once per week (maybe more often if your puppy likes to be outside and play in the dirt). You can think of it like this… Would you be able to go a whole week wearing the same shirt? Cleanliness is so important to the overall health and happiness of dogs.

Giving your dog baths regularly helps you look out for skin irritations, lumps or cuts so you can find them before you have to report to your veterinarian. Early detection of these kinds of things is essential. Cleanliness for your dog is also important for your health as well.

Yes, YOUR health as well. I don’t know about you, but allergies are a big, big pain for me! Your dog’s coat basically acts as a rug, and when you let your dog outside their coat just traps dirt, bacteria, and allergens. The allergens stay on your dog’s skin and hair until it is washed away.

So, remember to give your loved furry baby those weekly baths and you both will be super happy!