Yorkie 101: Personality, Looks And More

By Viktoria Carella

Yorkies have always been a favorite breed among older adults, singles and families with older kids. They are one of the most loyal, fierce and protective breeds, in spite of their small size. They are also a noble, and hardworking dog, descended from a long line of hunting terriers, dating back hundreds of years. Before taking on one of these wonderful dogs on your own, we offer you the chance to read on, and learn everything there is to know about this fantastic breed. Yorkies 101 is about to begin…


Today’s Yorkies are descendants of a much larger terrier mix that came about during the middle of the 19th century, in the city of Yorkshire, in England. Rats were a big problem during this time, and an aggressive solution was needed to reduce their numbers. Besides disrupting work in the warehouses and factories where they made their homes, they were also virulent disease carriers, through their bite and through the fleas that rode them. The local cats did the best they could to stem the tide, but were reluctant to pursue them into their tunnels and nests. Something bigger, and more aggressive than a cat was needed.



Photo Credit by: Dean Wissing

The Yorkshire terrier was originally created through crossbreeding the standard Wheaton terrier, and several other hunting terriers of that age. The result was an aggressive hunter, highly intelligent and adaptable, with a solid temperament. The original was also twice as big as today’s terrier, but the aggression and fierceness remain the same. Yorkies were recognized as pets in England by the British Kennel Club in 1870, but were not recognized as a breed in their own right until four years later. They were accepted and recognized in America during the forties, when their wartime adventures and Hollywood exploits made them even more popular than ever before.


Yorkies have a wonderful, silky coat that has tight curls everywhere. They rarely shed, so they make for the perfect pet that is hypoallergenic. That coat will require frequent brushing, however, to prevent tangles from forming. Grooming is a high priority with this breed, making them not a good choice for anyone not passionate about a pet’s grooming care.


Yorkies are highly intelligent, and grasp training lessons quickly. The main problem lies in their consistency to perform those tasks. They can be stubborn and willful, with a tendency to ignore commands when they feel it necessary to do so, as when they perceive a threat in the area. They are fierce guardians, but might not fare as well in the company of very young children, because of their own small stature and fragility.

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