Yorkie Times Community Highlight – Yogi

Billy Warman shares his fur baby, Yogi’s story.

This is Yogi and he is approximately 3 years old.  He is a very loving and protective dog.

He was found on state line over a year ago. When he was found he was hairless and eyes were matted. He was cared for by vets and shelter and regained health.


Photo by Billy Warman

My wife and I were put on a list at the humane shelter for a Yorkie or Silkie for 6 mos when we got a call.

Amanda had this beautiful dog but didn’t have time it needed. She worked and went to school and was looking for an older couple to care for him. – that was us.

My wife says he’s a Silkie. Don’t much matter to me – I love him anyway.


Yogi asleep on Billy's legs

Photo by Billy Warman

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us Billy.  The pictures of Yogi are beautiful!

Yogi the Yorkie sitting pretty

Photo by Billy Warman

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