Now that Halloween is over, the reality of even colder weather is coming to be. Along with that comes….get ready for it….I’m going to say it, oh yes I am… SNOW! At least for the northern half of the continent. And with these odd weather patterns maybe even for some of you Yorkie Owners in the south *GASP*.

My non-scientific polling seems to be split down the middle when it comes to Yorkies and the white stuff. You either get some total snow bunnies that just dive in and love every minute of it, or you get those sensitive souls that just want to snuggle in their owners laps staying warm and dry, making outhouse trips a nightmare.

My guy HATES it, with capital H A T E S. To even go for a quick 2 minute tinkle, full on winter gear including booties and a scarf.

And to celebrate the change of season, I thought what a better way to welcome old man winter then a funny Yorkie in the Snow Video. See how this pup feels about the fluffy white stuff. Spoiler alert, I love his face at the end, priceless!

So Yorkie Times readers let me through it to you, when it comes to your fur babies:


Yea or Ney

Do you struggle with your Yorkies in the winter months or sit back and watch them frolic in the joy of the season? How do you dress them to keep warm? I’d love to see some pictures of your babies in these colder months.