The Small But Mighty Yorkie

I don’t know about you, but our Rosie definitely likes to let everyone know when she is out on a walk.  She cried with excitement at the front door.  In her old life, she was a neglected baby making machine and when she came to live with us, she didn’t know what to do the first time we took her on a walk.  

Boy has that changed!  🙂

She loves walks and is very determined to get to her favorite park to play with what ever convenient stick is around.  So when I saw this adorable picture of Miss Misa, I had to share.

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

Let us know how your fur-babies react to walks and if they are as boss as Misa and Rosie.


Shelly Patrick is the founder of The Yorkie Times as inspired by Loki, who was with her for 13 amazing years. No one will love you like your fur-baby. The Yorkie Times is here to give you a smile.

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