Yorkie Escape Artists

Wouldn’t it be nice to be outside?

How to get around the cutting board?

Here comes Raisin – very smart yorkie!!!!

Let the yorkies go have fun outside.


 That cutting board never stood a chance.

Here is some information on dog doors for the backyard:

10 Facts you didn’t know about dog doors | Dog Doors, Cat Doors …
Patio pet door panels are a light-installation in your patio door, proving perfect for rentals. With heavy-duty aluminum construction, shatter resistant tempered safety glass, and UltraSeal flexible flap system for energy efficiency,

Automatic Electronic Pet Door » Coolest Gadgets
The Automatic Electronic Pet Door is pretty much self-descriptive – it will be able to open itself up automatically whenever a pet approaches it in the right direction. Installing it is a snap, where it goes into a sliding patio door


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