What to Do With the Yorkie Puppy That Barks Unnecessarily

By Isabella Gibby

Mostly, your yorkie puppy will bark when no one is home to correct him. Therefore, start teaching him and to stay alone quietly while you are still home.

Close your yorkie puppy in one room while you stay in another. Turn up the radio to mask your own sounds. The minute he starts barking, rap on the door loudly, saying nothing. This will stop him at least momentarily.

If he starts up again a few minutes later, go into the room and correct him in person. Reprimand him, or toss a magazine to where he’s standing – just make sure it doesn’t hit him.

The trick here is to shock him so he will know barking isn’t allowed. It is better to give one good reprimand at the very start and stop the barking fast.

Photo Credit by: Vox Efx

Photo Credit by: Vox Efx

You must also make sure that you’re deliberate and definite in executing the correction. This will work for yorkie puppies with a newly formed habit. But dogs catch on rapidly to tricks, so if the yorkie puppy is an entrenched barker, it won’t take him long to realize you are out there somewhere.

Once he catches on, he will bark only when you actually leave the house. To fool him into thinking you have left completely, you’ve got to be cunning. If he suspects you are there, he will keep silent until he feels sure you’ve really gone.

What if your yorkie puppy barks only at specific things such as the telephone ringing?

Set your yorkie puppy up by having a friend call you about five times in a row. Every time your puppy barks, throw something at him.

Simply sit reading or watching TV with your throwing object of choice (just make sure it’s a light one) in your hand, unload it on him without any warning when he starts up. To control this while you are out, hide as you would for generalized barking.

When he barks, let your yorkie puppy have it. Follow this procedure for anything that seems to trigger incessant barking.


To teach a yorkie puppy to stay by himself and not bark, patience is sometimes needed – especially if you have allowed the barking to get out of hand.

The first thing dogs learn about barking is not to do it when you are there, and they’re smart enough to stay quiet even if they just suspect your presence. It can therefore be a long time before you catch him.

Learn more about the Yorkie at teacup yorkie dogs.com. Isabella Gibby is a freelance writer.

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