Another contribution to our “unlikely friends” series this week I present Yorkie and the baby Squirrel.

I am always interested when a pup plays with an animal that is smaller than he is, since when it comes to Yorkies its usually the other way around as they are the smaller party.

It’s quite amusing to see how these two switch rolls throughout the video, at times the squirrel seems a little unsure of the Yorkie and backs away and other times it’s the playful Yorkie who questions his sometimes reluctant playmate. But with a little trust and some time they seem to knock those fears out of the park and only have plans to play.

The Yorkie spirit shines through as usual, breaking down the fear and just allowing the frolic and joy to take over. I myself am reminded every morning when I wake up and roll over onto the dryer ball Meatball has brought to bed, in the office chance that I will play fetch with him at midnight. I have to be honest, those little spikes are annoying, but I can’t help but chuckle that for him it’s always an ok time to play.

Animals are great at reminding us that life should be enjoyed and a little play can go a long way.

How do your fur babies let you know it’s time to loosen up and enjoy yourself a little? Perhaps you have a senior pup who might not play as much but loves to bark when he sees others playing. Go on share some of your stories and videos on how you fur friends embody the spirit of play.

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