Down with Yarn

When Yorkies play with toys, it’s very cute!

When Yorkies use every day household items as toys…

It becomes an adorableness overload.

You have been warned.

Or perhaps I should have said: “You’re been yarned?”

More information on toys:


My Favorite Things (For My Dog) | Swamped
They aren’t everlasting like Kong‘s (which I will also be adding to my list) but they keep my dogs happy for long periods of time. You must be sure to get the appropriate sized toy for your large dog, small dogs will chew largeĀ 

Busy Time Dog Toys for Mental and Physical Stimulation – Pet Center
The Bumper toy is made of soft rugged rubber that floats. Great summertime toy for the lake, beach, pool, pond or just a day at the park. Otis & Claude Dog Toy Gift Set Includes: 1) Jed Ball Sassy Lassie (Red/Blue) SMALL

Pepper’s Paws: Safari Tough Toys for Small Dogs – Product Review
The fabric is very strong, it seems like the same material used to make the extra tough toys for large dogs. They are lightweight and easy for a small dog like me to carry. These durable toys are great for a game of fetch!




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