Cooling off poolside –¬†Chloe Polka Dot Pool Surfs, and Swims

Here’s Chloe Polka Dot!

She just loves to be poolside and looks very stylish while swimming!

My yorkies are always seem to end up looking like wet towels!

Do you think that your yorkies like to swim?

Do you use a full size pool, a lake or just a wading pool to cool them off?

It’s summer time so let’s have a look at other links about yorkies and swimming:


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I live in Florida and it is HOT here! I was wondering if my little baby would like to go in the pool and if it was even safe for him to swim in there?

 Summer Safety Tips | Yorkie Blog by Yorkie Splash and Shine
Yorkies and small dogs in particular can overheat quickly. …. Last summer we purchased a yorkie size swimming pool (Pet Food Express), and would find the yorkies standing or laying in the little pool through-out the day.

Yorkies and pools?? – Forums – Yorkshire Terrier …
Hi, I was thinking of getting my Yorkie-poo a little pool this summer. The smallest one and only filling it a couple of inches. Do they like to swim?



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