Yorkie Summer Hair Cut

There are many summer hair cut styles for Yorkies.

Some Yorkie parents like to keep their hair long even in the summer heat.

Loki and Rosie get shaved down a couple of times throughout the summer.


Does your groomer put bows or ties in your Yorkies hair? Whether they are a boy or a girl?

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I thought I would share the products I found to be best for my Yorkie Puppies and adult Yorkies. First you will need a brush for the coat…the best brush is a pin brush that has a rubber back..the Madan brushes are the best 

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A yorkie dog also known as a Yorkshire terrier needs to be groomed regularly so that his coat looks healthy and well maintained. Yorkie’s have long fur coats which is the main reason why it becomes a problem for most pet owners to maintain 

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yorkie grooming Yorkshire Terrier Care Grooming Tips Constant Yorkshire Terrier care is how you maintain the well being and happiness of your dog. One of the most important parts of Yorkie care is the daily grooming of his coat. To help you 





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