How cute is the little Yorkie shopping in this video?!

It made me so happy to watch this and see just how happy and appreciative this Yorkie pup got when she was given her giant new toy. Now she has a little cuddle buddy! But, I mean, who doesn’t love to shop and bring home new things? I know I do, even if it is for my puppy because seeing my puppy happy just like this makes me extremely happy!

Oh the look on my fur babies face when I come home with some chewable bones.. priceless. I believe it is pretty important to spoil your fur baby. Why wouldn’t you want to? Just look at how excited and happy that little Yorkie got! Just so cute!! Coming home to my pup with a new toy, collar, or some bones and watching how excited she gets has to be the best thing ever!

My pup gets so territorial over her bones… whatever you do, do not try to take my puppies bone away from her! Kind of scary but at least she is happy and has something to do which is important.

Keeping your pup active is very, very important.

Playtime is important for the physical, mental and emotional health of both pets and humans. So, why not take your little fur child to the store, and let them pick out a toy that they want! Spoil your puppies! Because nothing is greater than seeing an extremely excited, cheerful, happy puppy!