Step-By-Step Instructions on Daily Grooming and Weekly Bathing for a Yorkshire Terrier

By Kathleen Burbank

The Yorkshire terrier is a long-haired dog that needs consistent bathing and grooming. The key to grooming is to develop a routine as soon as she becomes a member of your family. The process not only ensures that the essential oils from her skin will be spread throughout her hair which makes them healthy and shiny, but also helps you to train your puppy to get accustomed to regular grooming, bathing and ultimately going to the grooming salon. It is important to have lots of contact with your puppy’s feet, and ears during playtime. This will help to make your dog a good grooming client, as they will get used to you touching them in the areas where a dog Groomer spends time creating their “masterpiece” hairstyle.

We brush Roxy every morning and clean her eye goop by wetting her entire face. Then after a few minutes, using a little plastic flea comb we get rid of the yuck that accumulates below her eye. Roxy gets a bath every week. We started out bathing her in our bathroom sink but ended up getting water all over! We quickly moved the process to the bathtub.


Photo Credit by: |vv@ldzen|

Photo Credit by: |vv@ldzen|

We fill the tub a few inches with warm water, plop her in and she loves the warmth. Do not get me wrong, she hates the bath but we know she appreciates the warm water because she always sits down in the warm water when we start! We lather her up using tear free dog shampoo and rinse her using a large two-cup measuring cup. We have never had a problem with skin dryness or itching on our dog. We use Martha Stewart’s all natural puppy shampoo and when her hair starts to get long, we use our own hair conditioner as well. Just be sure to rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner out of your dog’s hair, when you think you are finished rinsing, rinse again.

We wrap her in a towel for as long as she will allow, then let her run and dry herself on the rugs and top of the bed and outside if it is warm enough. This is a sight to see! Our three cats all gather in the back yard to watch! They always seem to know when Roxy will get her bath and they do not want to miss her drying ritual. Roxy starts by running large circles for about 5 minutes – nonstop! Then she starts involving the cats by running as close to them as possible without actually hitting them! Two of them will join her by chasing but Norman our twenty-eight year old tabby just sits on the sideline and watches the spectacle!

In colder weather, you might want to blow-dry her, taking care not to blow into her eyes or ears. When she was tiny, we used a diffuser on the end of the blow dryer to minimize the airflow. (It scared her less) We take Roxy to a professional dog Groomer every 4-8 weeks to get her “special” haircut and trim her nails. Your vet can also do the nail trimming for you, as you will be going there for your dog’s first 4 months to get shots.

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