Who doesn’t love the slide!!

What fun game does your Yorkie love?

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Yorkie Puppy Plays Patty-Cake – Laughing Squid

Yorkie Puppy Plays Patty-Cake

Mar 28, 2013 Misa Minnie the 21-week-old Yorkie puppy plays patty-cake with her owner. via reddit, Daily Picks and Flicks · Facebook · Twitter · Google +1 


 Puppy Dog Eyes | The Yorkie Times

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Featured Posts. Yorkie Articles · Feeding Your Yorkie. by The Yorkie Times • June 6, 2013. Yorkie Puppy. Healthy Yorkie How much should I be feeding my dog as a puppy, an active adult dog, and as an older dog? If you own a pet dog, it is your obligation to provide all of its needs ranging from… (email transcript of conversation). And when you mentioned the slide I nearly fell out of my seat. There is a slide that the dogs play on but … Enhanced by Zemanta 

Adorable Yorkie Puppy Plays Pattycake with Her Owner – Care2 …
Sunday March 31, 2013, 9:25 pm. That was just about the sweetest little yorkie I have ever seen. I think she gave me a cavity! Thank you as always my friend for sharing the sweeter parts of life with us. send green star | flag as 

Yorkie Plays Fetch | The Yorkie Times

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Teaching or Training a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) how to do cute dog tricks like “lay down”, “stick-em up”, “play dead”, “sit” and to “speak” is pretty easy but the best dog tricks for Yorkies take time and patience. Please help me