Adorable Yorkie Puppy Play Time With Mom

Mommy yorkie is getting some love from her ‘hooman’ mom!!

The yorkie puppies are absolutely adorable!!

They are a little too young to understand the concept of fetch and so just bounce around.

Looks like bouncing is great fun!!!

Maybe we should all try it!!!

Here is some information on yorkie’s health:


To Fix Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems – Care
To fix yorkshire terrier health problems, it is very important to understand them.

¬†Yikes, Yorkies! Common Yorkie Health Disorders – Watery Diarrhea …
Yorkies are susceptible to several disorders any serious buyer must consider. Although many Yorkies with disorders live long and healthy lives, some can be costly. It is best to be fully aware of the major disorders of the breed.

Yorkie Health Problems – Buzzle
In the following article, we shall have a look at some of the health problems that every Yorkshire Terrier owner should be aware of. Read on, to know some of the common ailments that are known to plague the Yorkshire Terrier.




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