Does Your Yorkies Do Tricks

As dog owners teaching our pooches some tricks is not only cool but it’s one of the many ways we choose to bond with our furry companions. Some of us are better at it then others and some dogs more willing to sell themselves for a strategically offered treat!

Cute Yorkie with a bow

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When I came across this video I just had to share little Minnie Misa with you all. Aside from being totally adorable with her silky hair and beautiful pink bow, she is a pup with a special talent. We all can choose tricks to show off just how smart our pups are. But Minnie Misa’s owner slapped a set of wings on her baby girl and got her pup to pray. That’s pretty darn cute. I can barely teach my guy to lay down. 

My suspicion is her prayers are a little treat driven but we can forgive her for that since she is praying for all her friends maybe even her Yorkie extended family. It now sits right up there with the salsa dancing Chihuahua I saw once.

What special tricks have you taught your fur baby?

What makes you smile every time they perform for you? We would love to hear and see what the pups on the Yorkie Times community have to share. Make sure to comment down below.