A Good Day with a Yorkie

Play outside with your yorkie is a good day.

How do you spend your day with your yorkie? Share your photos and stories in the comments.


Yorkies Play:

Slow Motion Yorkie Attempting to Play Catch!!
Slow Motion Yorkie Attempting to Play Catch!! Oh my goodness, this little guy is precious. Did you know that not all dogs are born with brilliant abilities to catch? Yep! It’s true. And while that doesn’t make them any less dog-like, it does kind of …

 Yorkshire Terrier wants to play | The Yorkie Times

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And so the epic debate/battle continues. While this Yorkie and cat appear to be friends and having fun…are they? The Yorkie is bound and determined to play.

Why do non-dog people think a yorkie play group is so …
It’s more of a gathering for friends to have a potluck and let the furbutts play together and helps them get more socialized. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been to one in a while, but what’s so funny about yorkie play groups?

has anyone let their yorkie play with a rat? – YorkieTalk.com …
well naturally i watch him every second he is playing with the rat. i would never take my eyes off of him for a sec with the way he shakes it up. i know if he got hold of a battery and bit it it might do him harm. he gets great …