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Francis James Ehmann shares the story of how Daisy came to be in the family’s life.


Daisy the Morkie and cat

Daisy and the cat – photo credit to Francis James Ehman

“We received her from a pet store and she was 5 mths old and we have had her for 5 mths now n still a lil scared cat I am so glade we saved her from the pet shop sad thing she is to this day scared of everything sure in cpl years or mths shell b back to being a doggie n part of our family here she is sleepin with our cat her best friend and Layla and her napping together she is a great great dog for a baby they share food together yes Layla feeds her whatever she eats and no sence of trying to stopping that lol but all around I m so glade she is our child we love her to death”

She is too precious for words.  Thank you Francis for sharing Daisy’s wonderful story!

Cassandra Patrick is the co-founder of The Yorkie Times. Loki and Rosie wiggled their ways into her heart and will be her forever puppies. The Yorkie Times is here to make your day!

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