Yorkie Vs Mop

As pet owners you know that cleaning is a necessity. It is that not always fun extra step that comes along with loving our furry family members. Pulling out the vacuum a few extra times a week or needing to mop more often thanks to those cute little paws covered in mud. Even if they are Yorkie paws.

never misses an opportunity to lunge and attack it

My dog Meatball (yes, that is his name, he came with it) his nemesis/arch enemy number 1 is my most prized possession as a pet owner, my Dyson vacuum. Meatball never misses an opportunity to lunge and attack it, it’s not saying much since he is about 1 tenth the size. But still it’s the Bain of his puppy existence. That and backyard squirrels.

Yorkie looking for squirrels

Photo credit: https://goo.gl/mRdNSb

Actually come to think of it he isn’t a fan of any cleaning utensil; brooms, dust pans, swiffers. Perhaps it’s simply part of the canine master plan for us humans. To get us to stop cleaning and start petting much more (I am totally guilty of that one and I blame there feline counterparts for implanting the idea).

In today’s video, this rambunctious little Yorkie has his eyes set to taming a mop if it’s the last thing he does! Chasing, running and jumping all in the name of protecting his family from the dreaded intruder, pun intended of course!

How do your fur babies react to cleaning around the house?

Do they run and hide or are they ready to attack and defend? We love to see how you babies react, make sure to share your pictures and stories down below.