Cullen the Yorkie

Cullen is a 3 year old Yorkie who is part of our Yorkies Times family.

Here is his story told by his mom, Michelle Holloway.

“I got Cullen when he was 7 weeks old. After about 4 days, he became really lethargic so I took him on to the vet. He wasn’t quite ready for shots yet, but since he was seemingly sick I took him. He had stage 4 hookworms, the breeder obviously did not deworm any of the puppies. Cullen had to be given fluids, vitamin B12 shots, vitamin K shots, daily. We had to feed him through a syringe and also give him honey to keep his sugar levels up. We didn’t think he was going to make it. He really needed a blood transfusion which are very expensive and I couldn’t afford. My vet worked so hard on saving his life and after a few weeks he started improving. He made it through some really rough times and is a wonderful, very playful and spirited yorkie today.”

Cullen resting on his couch

Photo by Michelle Holloway

Cullen’s life didn’t start out so great but he’s a fighter!


It is very sad that some breeders don’t take pride in what they do and the animals are the ones who pay in the end.

In North America, if you need to report a breeder you can refer to the links below.

The Canadian Kennel Club > Home
Last Call to Support the Re-launch of our Dogs in Canada Annual New Petition to Reconstitute Bill Amending Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario

American Dog Breeders Association

Ralph Greenwood

Parent site of all their sanctioned breed clubs. Club locations, show dates , breed history, and membership application.


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