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Kimberly FitzGerald shared this adorable picture of her rescue Yorkie, Jax:

This is a little yorkie, named Jax, I rescued him this week, the owners ran off and left him behind, I’m a groomer, and I looked up and saw him sitting by my appointment book, lol, I wondering if he is trying to tell me something.

Jax the Yorkie

Photo by Kimberly FitzGerald

Yorkie Grooming Tips:


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Tips for grooming your Yorkie. Remember to brush her back, chest and under her armpits. Use a dog nail clipper, not a human nail clipper.

Yorkie Dog Grooming Tips – Vetinfo.com
A yorkie dog also known as a Yorkshire terrier needs to be groomed regularly so that his coat looks healthy and well maintained. Yorkie’s have long fur coats which is the main reason why it becomes a problem for most pet owners to maintain 

Grooming Tips | Parti Yorkie Time


I thought I would share the products I found to be best for my Yorkie Puppies and adult Yorkies. First you will need a brush for the coat…the best brush is a pin brush that has a rubber back..the Madan brushes are the best