Dexter’s Ruff Life

It’s time for Dexter and Peppermint – spy cam.

When it comes to meal, Dexter and Peppermint eat in different areas.

Dexter, like Loki, is a food bullying Yorkie.

However, Dexter has been trained to be polite about the situation.

He waits until Peppermint is finished and then eats the rest of her food.

Here are some tips and tricks for training your Yorkie:

25 Tips and Facts to Train Your Yorkie | My Spoiled Yorkie
So, Training sessions should be kept relatively short, especially at first. Yorkies tend to have a lot of energy. Taking a Yorkie on a walk before a training session will tire it out a bit and make it easier to get the Yorkie to focus.

Lazy Yorkshire Terrier | The Yorkie Times

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