Yorkies love Star Wars too!

As far as I can remember every Sunday it was Star Wars all day! Perhaps on the couch or in a fort and all day, I would watch the original three episodes. Fast forward to now, Star Wars quotes come naturally and I love cosplay and it has spread to cosplay with Yorkies! Because why not?!

It is May 4th – May The Force Be With You…. Or May The Fourth Be With Yorkies!!!

I looked over some adorable pictures of Yorkies dressed up in different Star Wars costumes that I found online. Do you see your favorite Star Wars character(s)? Has your Yorkie ever dressed up like a Wookie or Ewok?

Ewok Yorkie

Yorkie dressed up as an ewok

This little one is too cute and wondering when its walk time so the outfit can be showed off!!! Could you say no to this face?!

I’ve seen a number of Ewok costumes out there.  We’d love to see your favorites 🙂

Yoda Yorkie Or Princess Leia Yorkie – Who Wins?

Yorkies dressed like Leia and Yoda

Here’s double trouble as long as trouble means adorable!! Yoda and Princess Leia – who could ask for more?


Yorkie dressed as Chewbacca

I’ve seen so many Yorkies dressed as Chewbacca but this one is definitely one of my favorites!

Fun fact about Chewie – he had a wife Mallatobuck (Malla) and a son Lumpawaroo.

Bantha Yorkie

Yorkie dressed up like a BanthaBanthas have never looked so cute! I can only imagine how much the cuteness level will raise when the Yorkie starts running!!! *insert AAWWW*

What other Star Wars Yorkies do you know? We are on the hunt for a Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader, but there are so many possibilities. Is there a hidden Tauntaun out there or a much-maligned Jar Jar?  We want them all!

Yorkies are adorable whether they are in costume or ‘au natural’! It’s always a roaring good time with them!