Do your remember your Yorkie’s first bath?

Maggie was given her first bath at 18 weeks.

I don’t think she was that big of a fan by the end.

She was working very hard on her escape artist techniques.

Loki is pretty good when it comes to bathing.

Rosie still tries to climb out of the tub.

Yorkie bathing tips:

Tips for grooming your Yorkie | Le York Hydro Spa & Boutique


Use a dog nail clipper, not a human nail clipper. Use a pet dryer. If you don’t want to pay the extra cash for a pet hair drier, use a human one on the coolest setting possible. … and remember, after a bath let your yorkie shake 


Learn And Implement How To Wash A Yorkshire Terrier
There are various tips and pointers, which you need taking into consideration to ensure that your Yorkshire terrier feels comfortable and stay happy with you. In the list of various dos, don’ts, how’s and what’s, the most The vets and experts can better let you know about the reliable and best suitable product to help you in picking up the right dog shampoo and other bathing products for your Yorkshire. Using the smooth and gentle shampoo helps you to keep the 

The Best Way to Give a Yorkie a Bath – Pets
Because the coat of a Yorkie is single-layer and unusually fine, her bathing Tips. Yorkies chill easily. The best way to prevent a post-bath chill is to dry your