Lovable Family Members

How long did it take for your Yorkie to officially be considered family?

The first time I met Loki, I got home and everything was quiet except for this little bell-like sound. It was the bell on his collar that the breeder had given him. I immediately scooped him up and gave him a snuggle. Not thinking, I quickly ran upstairs to put some things away. Well, Loki was very small and couldn’t make it up the steps and so while trying to get up the stairs, he fell backwards maybe 4 inches to the ground.  Granted for a Yorkie puppy that is a long way down.  But even at that age, Loki was resilient and just sat at the bottom of the stairs letting out these little yips to let me know that he was waiting.

I was completely done in at that moment.


A cute Yorkie looking right

Was it love and family member at first sight?

Did you cry, glorious tears of joy?

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