Enjoy the little things

We tend to rush through life lately.

Never forget to take time for the little things in life.

Especially those little things that come in little furry packages.

Little Things


More ideas on relaxing with your Yorkie:

Fun things to do with Yorkies…? – YorkieTalk.com Forums …
I need some ideas for playtimes with little Sushi- He is getting bored of the ‘ol grab-the-toy-and-I’ll-chase-you games. Currently, it is snowy and.

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Yorkies get it right! There is something to be said for getting outside and enjoying every minute! Yorkies, and dogs alike, know exactly how to do this. Just think about how your furry family reacts when they go out for a walk or 

Favorite thing to do with your yorkie? – YorkieTalk.com Forums …
I was just thinking about how much I love seeing my two run free at either the dog park, beach or regular park and how the snow has been keeping them.

So it’s not just me who gets worked up about the Yorkies! | A New …
Which is not something I get from my mum :'( My mum’s yorkshire pudding are SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! mums yorkies. But mine well that just flop. No matter what recipe I use, how hot my oil is or whether I use a silicone muffin 

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I am now a proud owner of a puppy. During these tough economic times with job losses mounting, depressed housing prices and a falling stock market it’s difficult to find something to smile about! These are times where family