Four feet are better than two!

Some of my best friends have four feet.

They make me laugh when I have a bad day, keep me warm at night (not so fun in the summer).

They love me for just being me and not what I know.

They are amazing and giving animals.

Yorkie Legs

So, here’s to our Yorkies – our perfect companions.

Here are some links to Yorkies just having fun:

A Thrifty Mrs | A FUN THRIFTY LIFE: A day in the life of a Yorkie puppy
The life of an 11 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Yorkie Puppies First Time on Grass – Puppy Love | My Fun Vid
Yorkie Puppies First Time on Grass – Puppy Love. Posted on September 20, 2013 by umer421 · Yorkie Puppies First Time on Grass – Puppy Love The grass is greener outside of the basket! Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Website: Facebook: 

Yorkies Take Nashville by Storm! | FIDO Friendly
FIDO’ Friendly Guest Blogger Deborah J. Thompson shared this FUN recap of the recent Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (YTNR) Annual Meeting with us and we knew you’d love it too.

Fun Yorkie Facts | The Yorkie Times

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