Yorkie Separation Anxiety

Author: Troy Dyer

To stop Yorkie separation anxiety, it is so important to properly train the Yorkie. Many Yorkie owners don’t take separation anxiety seriously until it does, in fact, become a problem. For you and your Yorkie, however, this will lead to frustration and is not a realistic approach.

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One good thing to do to prevent Yorkie separation anxiety is to crate train the Yorkie: even better if your Yorkie is still a puppy. Anytime you are not around to supervise your dog, the Yorkie goes in the crate. The Yorkie sleeps in the crate—always. One of the crucial elements here is to be consistent. Have the Yorkie go to the crate every night or every time you leave the house, put that Yorkie in the crate. Be consistent with this always. Over time your Yorkie will grow to associate the crate with comfort and security and will actually prefer it.

Another technique is to teach your Yorkie not to associate nervous feelings with you coming and going from the home. Before you go to work, do not say anything thing to the Yorkie at all. Do not pet them or give them any other sign that you are leaving. When pet owners do show signs of leaving, the Yorkie associates their departure and arrival with feelings of despair as you leave them alone. Chewing a hole in your carpet, thrashing your couches, and other unsavory behaviors: this is what Yorkie separation anxiety can lead to. It is of utmost importance that preventative measure are taken to prevent the negative behaviors associated with separation anxiety is small dogs like Yorkies.

What do you do if you never trained the Yorkie these things and that your pet is well past the 8 weeks mark? What are you going to do to curb that separation anxiety if the Yorkie is a half a year old or beyond?

The first thing you have to concede to is that it will be more challenging. When pet owners of Yorkies try to crate train their Yorkies that the dog barks a lot. To the crate, the older Yorkie does not yet associate safety and comfort to the crate. Just slowly introduce the Yorkie to the crate slowly over time/ Don’t forget to put some comfortable blankets in the crate as well. Some people put a Kong with peanut butter inside to let their dog chew and lick it in the crate. You have to gradually get that older Yorkie used to the crate: slowly increase the time the Yorkie stays in the crate when you are not home, and if you do this, over time, you will be able to curb Yorkie separation anxiety.

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Troy Dyer is a Yorkie lover and a Yorkie expert specializing in Yorkie obedience.