We Miss Him!

It has been a difficult year with Loki being sick and then finally losing him in the fall. He was the inspiration for The Yorkie Time and losing him left a big hole in my heart.

Added to that was some not very nice messages about Rosie not being a ‘true’ Yorkie as she is a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. It was disheartening.

That being said, we have always been about Yorkies in all their amazing forms, whether traditional or mixed, so we are going to hold Loki in our hearts by coming back to the wonderful community we built from his inspiration.

Loki sitting

Photo Credit – Nicholas Wilson

Coming This Year!

  • Cleaning up any of the dead video links on the website – so if you find some let us know!
  • Creating new fun pictures – we have some wonderful pictures that have been sent to us in the past to use and if you have some you would like to see send them in with this information so we can give credit where credit is due!
    • Your name (photo credit!)
    • Your fur-babies name
    • Your permission for us to use the photo on the website or in a meme.
  • New articles – we have a couple volunteers to write some articles and would love to hear what kind of articles you’d like to see. We are also always looking for volunteer writers, so let us know if you have Yorkie joy to share. 
  • Community highlights – there are wonderful Yorkies (that includes all cross-breeds) and we’d love to hear about how they came into your life and any other stories you’d like to share.
    • If you would like to write it – let us know and send it in to be reviewed.
    • If you would like to share your fur-babies story, but don’t want to write it – send in your story in point form and one of our volunteer writers will reach out to write it for you – your fur-baby’s name deserves to be in lights? 
  • To everyone who has emailed or FB messages us with pictures of your Yorkies, we will get back to each and everyone of you, but it will take us some time as this is a labor of love.
Introducing Loki & Rosie

Photo credit: Shelly Patrick

Thank You!

So for all of you who have stuck with us despite the infrequent posting, we thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy our celebrating Yorkies in all their wonderful and wacky forms and their larger than little bodies personalities.

I know Loki will be my little angel in the wings!

Cheers from Loki’s people and his sister, Rosie too


PS Don’t forget to tell us below what you’d like to see this year.