Yorkie Grooming

There are many videos out there about how to groom your Yorkie.

This one is about brushing your Yorkie.

It is very helpful especially for Yorkies with long hair.

She uses three different types of brushes/combs:

Slicker brush, flea comb, and greyhound or poodle comb.

And remember that if your Yorkie is prone to ‘eye-gunk’, use a very fine flea comb and brush away from the eyes.


Information on different dog brushes:

The Best Brush for Your Yorkie – Yorkie Splash and Shine Blog
If you own a Yorkie, you are no stranger to grooming. Yorkies’ coats need a lot of care, especially if you keep your Yorkie’s hair long. There are a lot of “tools of the trade” that Yorkie owners must have, and the number one tool 

Best Brush For Yorkie – YorkieTalk.com Forums – Yorkshire Terrier …
I asked this question in the “general” discussion” and did not get any answer…must have been in wrong forum What is a good brush to.

What sort of combs or brushes do you use to detangle – YorkieTalk …
I just have a basic soft bristle brush for my 12 week old Yorkie but its not getting the small matts out. The matts are forming in the woolly bits of.


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