How to Bathe Your Yorkshire Terrier – 4 Proper Techniques to a Hassle Free Bath

By Amerie Johnson

Bath time for dogs can be a very unpleasant time. And in most cases everyone wants to avoid it, but with these proper techniques in mind, bathing will be fast, easy and most importantly enjoyable for you and your Yorkshire Terrier.


1. Stick to a routine

Washing your dog around the same time and day will give your dog time to prepare himself. A set schedule will also remind you when to wash your dog as well. Remember, do not overwash your dog. About once every week is good. Overwashing can reduce vital oils in your dog’s coat that leads to itching.

2. Use Cottonballs

By placing cotton balls in your dog’s ear, they will be prone to less irritation of shampoo or water getting into their ear canals.

Photo Credit: Cristian O.

Photo Credit: Cristian O.

3. Use the correct wash basin

Since you have a smaller breed, you should use a plastic basin or a rubber storage bin. The proper basin will make the job much easier and less work because you have better accessibility to your dog. Whereas a bathtub will give your dog more wiggle room to move around and cause more of a hassle.

4. Use a rubber mat

Another way to keep your dog in place is to put a rubber mat under near the dog. This will cause the dog to slip less.

All of these supplies can be found at the your local market or at your local pet store. Just remember that it does not have to take a long time to bath your dog.

Your Yorkshire Terrier may splash, run off, or even get you and everyone else dirty along with them. With these proper techniques you are one step closer to a much cleaner Yorkie.

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