So I don’t know about you folks but every once in a while I’ll spend an afternoon on YouTube perusing the puppy wares and end up watching videos of people who are surprised on some holiday but a puppy present. I LOVE THOSE! Right up there with returning soldiers reunited with their dogs, just give me the popcorn and the Kleenex my whole day is done. I think it’s because I secretly wish that one day one of those surprise doggy present videos will be made of me adding to my dog collection, but since I can’t be a full time dog mama just yet and we live in the city, it makes my 5 dogs in the same bed afternoon naps dreams a little out of reach.

Anyway, here is a lovely little family sharing their dog collection moment from last year’s holidays. I hope this puts you in the mood.


Regardless of what you celebrate during this time of year, from myself, Meatball and The Yorkie Times family we wish you and your fur babies all the best during this time of year, may you always be surrounded by those you love.