Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

By Mario Coronado

By taking your dog to a groomer regularly you will keep him/her looking and feeling great. You can also learn Yorkie grooming techniques at home. Remember, practice makes perfect and you will notice every time you groom it gets easier for both you and your Yorkie.

Grooming is a good bonding time for both your Yorkie and you.

Grooming Basics

Photo by: Dean WissingShampoo & Conditioner:

Use a high quality shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for dogs. I use Coat Handler or Pure Paws products.

Yorkshire Terriers have only a single coat of hair, whereas many breeds have both outer and under coat. In this respect, a Yorkie’s coat is similar to a human’s hair. Despite this, do not use shampoo meant for humans on your Yorkie. Human shampoo can result in dry, flaky skin creating dandruff on your Yorkie.

I never brush my Yorkie’s coat when it is completely dry unless the coat is clean like after a bath, since it could damage the coat. Keep a spray bottle on hand with a mixture of water and conditioner and lightly spray the coat before you brush or comb.


Bathing bi-weekly will prevent odor and preserve the coat. Be sure to work out the tangles since they can and will get worse with each passing day. Wet the hair tangle with warm water and work it out with your fingers as you bathe. Putting a small amount of conditioner on the hair tangle will help loosen the tangle.

I bathe my Yorkie in the kitchen sink. Be careful when bathing in the sink. If they do not feel safe and secure, they may attempt to jump out of the sink. A bath tub can also be used.

Be sure to completely rinse your Yorkie’s hair after shampooing and conditioning. Male Yorkies may dribble urine on themselves in the course of doing their business. You may wash this area daily with a damp cloth and warm water, or use an unscented baby wipe. Depending on the length of your Yorkie’s coat, you may wish to blow dry the coat. If so, be sure to watch the heat as you can easily burn your Yorkie with the hot air. Make sure all tangles are out of the coat.

Comb through the coat after drying and brushing with the metal comb. This will eliminate most of the tangles, knots, and mats.

A flea comb may be used on a daily basis.

Daily face washing and ear checks, teeth brushing, nail trims and bi-weekly baths is recommended.

Hair trimming:

Trim the hair under the pads of the feet. It is traditional to trim the top 1/3 of the ear; shaven for a cleaner ear, and will also make them look smaller The hair around the anus should be trimmed very short on a regular basis for cleanliness. Brushing the coat will vary with texture and coat length.

Many people choose to keep their Yorkie’s coat trimmed in a short puppy cut year round. This can be done with a pair of scissors or with a set of electric clippers.


Comb – Metal comb with long teeth.

Brush – There are many choices, but we recommend a pin brush with a rubber back. Natural bristle brushes are less likely to damage the coat than synthetics such as nylon.

Scissors – Basic hair-cut trim scissors

Ear Trimmer – Wahl’s mustache trimmer; its cordless and rechargeable (available at Wal-Mart).

Nail Trimmer – Human nail clipper while they are a puppy. As they age, use the dog nail clippers; sometimes it will be necessary to use a nail file to file the sharp edges of the nail after clipping. Stop Bleed is a must. If you cut too short, the nail will bleed. Dab the Stop Bleed on the affected area immediately.

Stop Bleed – Available at most Pet Stores.

Ear Cleaner – There are many choices. I use NutraVet ear wash with tea oil and q-tips.

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Author: Mario Coronado

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