Yorkie Presents

Some kids want to go to Disney World, some want to meet their favourite super hero.

And others, well, they want to get a yorkie.

Make-A-Wish does all of that.

These amazing little dogs come into our lives in some truly amazing ways.


Here’s more yorkieness for you:

Benefits of siblings – YorkieTalk.com Forums – Yorkshire Terrier …
I wanted to ask you all the benefits of having 2 (or more) furbutts in the home?? I’ve heard not only And they are each 6-7 months apart in age, with the oldest (Yorkie) turning 2 in Sept. and my littlest guy turns 1 on July 30th.

 List all the advantages of having multiple yorkies!! – YorkieTalk.com …
I am sitting here tonight working on a huge project on the computer. I’m on the computer a lot since I have a computer job. Marcie and Mo-Jo know when.

Unfold the history of Yorkshire terrier
While going through the history of Yorkshire terrier in detail, it comes in knowledge that all the breeds, which were cross-breed to create Yorkie, are now non-existent. The history of Yorkies begins with the idea of cross-breeding various popular breeds of dogs and eventually getting these unique and cute looking dogs as the final result. Being a This has helped the present Yorkie owners to know the right path to offer care and daily hygiene benefits to their pets.



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