Ladies, meet George

George is quite the handsome devil.

He enjoys sleeping in, long walks, being brushed and winning you over with his puppy dog eyes.

It is hard to believe that this bundle of energy is 15 years old.


Information on health concerns as your Yorkie ages:

The Problems of Aging – Yorkshire Terrier – Netplaces
All creatures, including humans, have health problems of one sort or another as they get older, and Yorkshire terriers are no exception. The wear and tear of a 

Recognizing Common Health Issues in Yorkshire Terriers – For …
Get to know common Yorkshire Terrier health issues, so. When your Yorkie’s around 6 or 7 months old, have your vet check to make sure all her baby teeth 

To Fix Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems
May 20, 2013 Some of the major yorkies health problems include eye infections of serious level , tooth decay in early age, bronchitis issues and sensitivity 

Health Issues – the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Foundation
This is a problem most commonly in older male dogs. ….. A neutered cryptorchid dog should have no other expected health risks due to this condition. Bilateral 


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