Bathtime version 2.0

Geoffrey is pretty amazing!

He falls asleep in the shower if he is left there long enough.

I think that my yorkies would be trying to plan their escape!


 Does anyone’s yorkie have an interesting and different thing that it likes to do?

Here is some information on yorkies and sleep issues or just being cute.


Is my yorkie sleeping too much? – Forums …
This may be a stupid question but I’m a new yorkie mom/constant worrier. How much does a puppy normally sleep?? Lilly is almost 5 months old (On the.

Letting Yorkie’s sleep in your bed? – Forums …
I have let my Yorkie Lola sleep in my bed from night two. I found that was the only way to make her sleep through the night, as she just cried all.

Yorkie sleeping issue – Forums – Yorkshire Terrier …
Hi, I’m new to Yorkie Talk. I’m posting on behalf of Kirby our male 5 year old Yorkie. He is 6 pounds and in good health. He regularly sees the vet.


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