Generalities About Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Dogs

By Susan Bailey

One of the reasons why people like to get purebred dogs as pets is because you can usually predict how they are going to behave and what needs they have. This knowledge in advance can help you pick a dog that you know will fit into your lifestyle. But did you know that purebreds make up about twenty five percent of all abandoned pets? This is what the Humane League of the United States has discovered. You should adopt a Yorkie from an animal shelter or Yorkshire Terrier breed rescue rather than buy a puppy.

You need to know some basic Yorkshire Terrier information before you go to the rescue center or to a foster home sheltering a Yorkshire Terrier rescue dog. The advantages to Yorkies are that they are small, need little exercise and like affection. The disadvantages are that they need daily grooming, need a lot of attention and often have accidents in the house. But these are things that are fixable.


Photo credit - Diana Sonnenberg

Photo credit – Diana Sonnenberg

There are some things you should expect and brace yourself for before you take on a Yorkshire Terrier rescue dog. You will have to brush your Yorkie every day and trim the coat once a month to keep the dog clean and comfortable. You will either need to go to a professional dog groomer about once a month or learn to trim your dog yourself. Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog.

Another thing about Yorkshire Terrier rescue dogs that you need to know is that they can have housebreaking issues. This is not because they are unable to learn what to do. They have such small bladders that they can’t hold a lot. They need to go outside about every couple of hours. The good news is that a lot of Yorkies are able to be litter trained. But you must expect and prepare for any accidents.

Yorkshire Terriers, rescues or not, are all more fragile than other breeds of dog.

They are even more fragile than a cat. However, the bigger the Yorkie, usually the sturdier they are. Don’t let other dogs or kids play roughly with the dog. If a dog gets hurt, especially a Yorkshire Terrier rescue dog, they can bite out of the fear that the pain has brought them. This gentle treatment is one reason why Yorkies are popular with senior citizens.

Another thing to realize with Yorkshire Terrier rescue dogs is that they are probably not going to look like the Yorkies on televised dog shows. Many Yorkies can wind up in shelters just because they fall short in their looks somewhere, instead of for personality problems. Your Yorkie may weigh over seven pounds, have a lot of black patches, may have a full tail or a tail held very low, may have an over bite or dewclaws. They are still purebred Yorkies.

Susan Bailey loves everything having to do with dogs, including Yorkshire Terrier history. The Yorkshire Terrier was a much larger breed in the beginning. This author is currently writing a series of articles containing Yorkshire Terrier information for interested readers.

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